Top 4 Diet Mistakes Most People Make
Top 4 Diet Mistakes Most People Make

Much of weight loss effort is about eating right and maintaining a good workout regime. Sadly, dieting is one misunderstood word, which many people getting everything wrong about eating right. Here are top five diet mistakes you should know and avoid. 

Focusing on big meals
The rate at which your body burns calories is largely dependent on the food cycle, and if you are focusing on big meals all through the day, it’s likely that the metabolism rate will show down. The best practice is to eat smaller and frequent meals with good snacks in between. 

Calorie loaded drinks
While many of us do have a check on snacks and food we take, we often ignore drinks, where most of the hidden calories are found. If you are trying to lose weight, bring down the consumption of alcohol and all other sugar laced drinks. 

Focusing on juices
Packed juices are often loaded with calories, and even the freshly made juices lack the goodness of whole fruits. It is wise to limit juices and smoothies to one glass a day. Most juices have good amount of natural sugars, which is not considered ideal, especially for people counting calories

Crash diets
There is no magic in losing weight early, and those bland diets that have helped people in shedding calories do more harm than good.  Most people don’t realize that there is no shortcut to weight loss, and no diet can do wonders in just a week without side effects. 
It’s a great time to check your meal plan and make the changes. Start now!