Iron Deficiency Puts 1/3 of All Pregnant Women at Risk for Complications
Iron Deficiency Puts 1/3 of All Pregnant Women at Risk for Complications

Iron deficiency is one of the risks that an expectant mom can experience during the course of her pregnancy. In fact, there are studies that state 35% or 1/3 of all pregnant women are suffering from this form of anemia.

Iron deficiency occurs when a person does not have adequate amount of iron on her body. Iron is a mineral that can be acquired from foods like nuts, whole grains, dried fruits, beef, and beans. When a person lacks iron, the body is not likely to have sufficient amounts of hemoglobin. For the lungs to be supplied by oxygen, the red blood cells that channel it should contain enough hemoglobin. If the protein or hemoglobin needed by the red blood cells is insufficient, the person will suffer from tiredness, chest pain, heart palpitations, and shortness of breath.

Unfortunately, iron deficiency is a lot more risky in pregnant women. When such condition happens to an expectant mom, there is a big possibility that she will suffer from thyroid disorder. In worse cases, this can cause miscarriage and premature births.

Iron deficiency in pregnant women can be caused by lack of iron in their chosen food and heavy bleeding. The pregnancy itself causes iron deficiency since this condition requires increased blood volume. To prevent this from affecting the pregnancy, expectant moms have to consume more iron-rich foods like nuts and seeds, eggs, beans, leafy vegetables, and lean meat. Iron and vitamin C supplement intake is also advised.

The experts strongly recommend that all pregnant women should be checked for iron deficiency. It is also advised to take iron supplements to prevent pregnancy complications.