Low Glycemic Diet or the Low GI Diet
Low Glycemic Diet or the Low GI Diet

Famous celebrities like Britney Spears and Sharon Stone followed low GI diet and were successful in achieving their goals. This diet was coined by a professor from the University of Toronto named David Jenkins. The full form of GI is Glycemic Index which basically measures the bang on blood honey in the lead consumption. In this diet, you don't check for calories rather than concentrate on consuming meal foods with the intention of low blood honey. 

Lets look at one such diet that promotes this.
Paleo Diet: This diet is also known as the Caveman's Diet. Actors like Megan Fox and Matthew McConaughey followed this diet and they were triumphant. The main contents allowed in Paleo diet are proteins from Meat and fish, vegetables, fruits, roots, nuts and mushrooms. It frowns upon the use of legumes, dairy products, grains, refined honey and refined salt. It was popularized in the 1970’s by Walter Voegtlin.

This diet is called as the caveman's diet because during the olden days, people didn't have the junk foods that are available in the market today. People in the olden days just survived on grains, meats, fish, fruits, basically the things permitted in cavemen diet and they had  healthy and a long prosperous life. Not only are these food less in calories but they constitute everything that the human body requires to lead a healthy life. It provides the body with all the nutrients and minerals that body requires.

Although the caveman diet is not encouraged a lot because of the changing times, evolved digestive system, you can still give it a go and try it for yourself and see how it works for you.