Proper Diet And Nutrition Is An Effective Way To Tackle The Incidence Of Diabetes
Proper Diet And Nutrition Is An Effective Way To Tackle The Incidence Of Diabetes

Research reveals that the US alone has more than 24 million people down with diabetes. While most cases are due to hereditary factors, a host of lifestyle factors have begun to contribute to the malady. Anyone eating a lot of sugary food is quite likely to develop diabetes unless he or she controls the sugar intake.

The sugar one intakes in food goes a long way in deciding ones' health. It is broken down into smaller particles by the action of insulin once it finds itself inside the stomach. This is made possible by the presence o a hormone, insulin, produced by the pancreas. It is instrumental in effecting a smooth movement of sugar from the bloodstream to the blood cells.

The problem begins to take shape when there is an insufficient production of insulin in the body. Alternatively, the same problem can occur if the insulin molecules are not able to do their work of transporting glucose to the cells.

Those down with Type 1 diabetes are more likely to be diagnosed with the situation. This is quite common in young children who have a genetic disorder that impedes the production of insulin in the body. The inability of the body to metabolize sugar leads to its deposits in the body in the form of fat.

This leads to several other problems related to obesity and weight gain. The solution is proper nutrition and a good and balanced diet. The ideal diet should have adequate amounts of fruits and vegetables in it. Green vegetables are going to play the part of roughage and push out excess fat you may intake.