Matcha from Japan – not just a beverage
Matcha from Japan – not just a beverage

Matcha is a traditional Japanese infusion. In fact, it has always been linked to traditions and almost enigmatic rituals of the Japanese culture. This beverage its making its way not only through regular cuisine in Japan but it is also making an impact all over the world.  

The trend of Matcha can be seen in several stores in the US.  But in Japan, you find a stand selling matcha almost on every corner. Some people in the West even see the beverage as only enjoyed by fitness people or health-conscious hippies. But it has slowly made its way through to Western homes. 

Matcha is usually recognized as a type of tea. Probably that's all we hear about in the West.  In Japan, this is more than just a beverage and it is used as an integral part of many recipes. You can find matcha mostly in treats such as cookies, sweet rolls, pudding, chocolate, biscuits, ice cream, and much more. There are actually very few things that cannot have matcha as an ingredient.

Finding a matcha candy is rare in the United States but in Japan, it's a history that goes back thousands of years. 

It obviously begins with green tea. But there are one too many theories about how the plant to make tea was discovered. One pretty interesting one tells the story of Shennong and how he discovered it. Shennong was boiling water over a flame for later use. This is when some leaves from a neighbor’s bush fell into the pot giving it a distinct aroma and taste. But this does not mean that Shennong only discovered what tea was and how to prepare it.  He was also able to determine the medicinal properties of matcha, which is slowly making its way towards the West.