What to Eat to When You Have Arthritis
What to Eat to When You Have Arthritis

Arthritis is a painful condition affecting your joints, and eating a healthful diet that eases inflammation and helps with the pain could go a long way in helping deal with your condition. Taking these steps when planning your diet could make you ease your symptoms.

Make sure your diet is well-balanced with all essential components
Having plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables gives your daily dose of vitamins and antioxidants. Make sure you eat everything well in moderation, particularly salt, sugar and fat. The good kind of fat is found in nuts and dry fruit, and it's important you have enough of it in your diet. Besides, a balanced diet regulates weight and reduces the pressure on your joints.

Eat whole grain cereals over refined cereals
Whole grain cereals in your diet ensures you get good fiber with your food. These will also reduce the levels of C-reactive protein and replenish selenium content in your body and thus relieve inflammation to some extent.

Try a Mediterranean diet
The olive oil and fish that's found aplenty in a Mediterranean diet have nutrients that effectively fight inflammation. Go for the extra virgin olive oil as it has more nutrients than other kinds. Other than helping with the inflammation, this diet also ensures you maintain the health of your heart. 

Although arthritis doesn't really have a single recommended diet, with these tips, you can alter your present diet so that you can improve your health overall while dealing with your symptoms better.