What to eat if you are anemic/have low blood iron
What to eat if you are anemic/have low blood iron

When we hear about anemia, we instantly get worried. Is it serious? Can it affect our health in the long term? How difficult it is to treat? Well, there is no need to worry. A big percentage of the population has low blood iron nowadays, they just don’t know it. This is due to unhealthy diets, based on processed foods and fast-food. Even so, it is easy to treat anemia; you just have to know what to eat.

This is what you should eat if you have low blood iron:

  • Chicken liver. Liver, in general, is a very good source of iron, and it can be cooked in so many different ways. Also, it only contains a very small amount of fats so you don’t have to worry about your bodyweight.
  • Beef. If you are a fan of red meat, then go ahead and eat as many steaks as you want. This will bring you the necessary amount of iron and protein. Did I mention that it is also extremely tasty?
  • Lentils. For a light meal filled with iron, lentils are amazing. You can make lentils soup or just boil them and add some spices. Lentils also have a good amount of healthy fats and Vitamin B-6.
  • Spinach. As a vegetarian or vegan it can be tricky to find iron-rich foods, so spinach should be present many of your meals. The advantage of this vegetable is that you can add it to any dish without changing the taste.
  • Beans. Every 100 grams of beans contains 27% iron, so it’s easy to understand why these should be present in your diet. You can even boil them and eat them as snack while you watch a movie!