Organic Food Has A Lot Of Good Points But Consume It At Your Own Discretion
Organic Food Has A Lot Of Good Points But Consume It At Your Own Discretion

There is a considerable amount of controversy about the food we eat every day. There are Rumours of heavy doses of pesticides being used that could be passed on in the food chain and cause some damage to us. There always is the possibility of animals being misused in their production and cultivation. 
In the wake of these concerns, comes in the concept of organic foods. These have at least 95 percent of their ingredients from natural sources. Certain standards have been set up by the EU regarding organic food, and all food that boasts of being organic must comply with regulations of 834/2007 and 889/2008.

IN all sorts of organic food products, only 5 percent of non-organic ingredients can be present. Besides this, only a limited quantity of non-food ingredients like salt, water and some acids are permitted to be present. Organic food is devoid of all kinds of artificial colors.

Stringent standards are maintained when it comes to the ingredients of organic food. Rules stipulate the presence of a label with a comprehensive list of ingredients of the food product on the can or tin. 

To produce organic food, conventional  crops are often genetically modified to suit some specific purposes. These modifications could lead to some potentially unwanted effects. They have not been subjected to long-term tests to determine their effects on human health and the environment. There is a possibility that consumption of food made from these crops could lead to stunted brain growth or dysfunction of the digestive tract.