Organic electronics
Organic electronics

Organic electronics have become very popular over the years, especially among people who are into organic living and products.

Organic light-emitting diodes for example combine all the advantages of LED, and the best thing about it is that it has additional new features. This is something that will allow you to completely have a different point of you when it comes to lighting and will allow you totally different uses of light.

Organic light-emitting will change the concept of lighting and the material used in organic electronics is self-illuminating. 

Also one of the positive sides of this lighting is that OLEDs require no backlighting. Organic solar cells work along the same principle. What is really amazing when it comes to this lighting is that it doesn’t emit the light, on the contrary it absorbs it.
Scientists have been working on this lighting, because they want to offer customers something entirely new and different.

They want to build the transparent organic electronics and then it will be possible to attach organic solar cells to windows.

This plan is not yet finished, but it is something they want to create in the nearest future. This concept will also allow the use of land for energy production.
They also want to make mobile applications by integrating OLEDs into clothing or maybe even backpacks.

These ideas are only potential plans for the future because scientists want to make sure that organic electronics are suitable enough for mass production. There is still need for further research.