Organic Garden
Organic Garden

Have you ever heard about organic garden ? If you didn't, here are some things you need to know, and who knows, maybe you will decide to have your own.

Like we wrote before organic means something more natural and healthy, without those additives you consume every day.
Here you are not using synthetic products, any kind of fertilizers and pesticides.

Let's put it this way, when you have organic garden, that means you are having some sort of cooperation with nature, and your garden is a small part of all the natural system.

If you decide to have one, you need to know that one of the basic tenants of organic gardening is to feed the soil, and the soil will feed the plants.

Plants get air and water and nutrients from it, so that is the importance of the soil.

What you should also know is that clay soil is higher in nutrients than sand and will hold the water better.

Plants like all living beings also have their rules of living, and will not put up with everything, so when you decide to have your own organic garden, make sure you provide your plants with the best possible conditions.

Plants like us can be happy, or on the contrary, can be sad or even depressed. And stressed plants are attractive to pests.

So be careful when you are choosing your plants. If you live in a shady place, do not take those who need full sun, and vice versa.
Make sure you get to know your plants, because in that case you will be able to notice if there is any problem with them, and you will be able to help them.